Panic attacks

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I was recommended Marie-Helene by a friend after suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.
From the very first time we chatted I knew this and she was something different. Marie-Helene really wants to help. Her hypnosis meditation has been so immensely helpful to me. My panic attacks have gone and I am coping with my anxiety very well. She changes her hypnosis every few weeks as I get better. I look forward to my sessions with her every time we are to meet. Thank you Marie-Helene !

R., 44 ans, hypnosis meditation

Marie-Hélène Mileto du cabinet Au Cœur de la Pensée vous aide à gérer vos crises de panique.

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Au Cœur de la Pensée est un cabinet proposant diverses thérapies naturelles.

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Marie-Hélène Mileto est thérapeute en hypnose, en mouvements oculaires, consultante en SleepTalk® et en Reiki.

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Il est possible de prendre rendez-vous par téléphone, e-mail ou en ligne.

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