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I came to Marie-Helene with my child for help with her anxiety. She really knows how to listen to a child and help them find what emotions they need to express. With her hypnosis meditation my child is much more relaxed and able to feel more confident. My child looks forward to listening to the meditation every evening and falls gently to sleep with her soothing voice. Thank you Marie-Helene for all your help.

Mother of S. (8 ans), hypnosis meditation

Marie-Hélène Mileto du cabinet Au Cœur de la Pensée aide votre enfant à gagner en confiance.

Les thérapies

Au Cœur de la Pensée est un cabinet proposant diverses thérapies naturelles.

Les ateliers du cabinet Au Cœur de la Pensée

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Marie-Hélène Mileto est thérapeute en hypnose, en mouvements oculaires, consultante en SleepTalk® et en Reiki.

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Il est possible de prendre rendez-vous par téléphone, e-mail ou en ligne.

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